15 Lesser Known Facts About Constituent Assembly of India

1. Acharya J B Kripalani was the first person to address Constituent Assembly. He represented United Province in Constituent Assembly. It was him who requested Dr. Sachidananda Sinha to take the chair and invited him to be the provisional Chairman of the Constituent Assembly.
2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the President of the Constituent Assembly on December 11, 1946. He later became the first President of Republic of India.
3. V.T. Krishnamachari and H.C. Mookerji served as the Vice-Presidents of Constituent Assembly. B.N. Rau served as the Constitutional Adviser of Constituent Assembly. B.N. Rau was also the first Indian permanent judge to International court of justice (1951-52).
4. S. N. Mukherjee was the Chief Draftsman of the Constitution who put complex proposals in legal language.
5. Constituent Assembly took total 165 days in 11 sessions to prepare the Constitution of India. Out of total 165 days convened by Constituent Assembly, 114 days were spent on the consideration of the Draft Constitution.
6. The Drafting Committee met for a total of 141 days. It consisted of 7 members and chaired by D.R. B.R. Ambedkar. Ambedkar is known as ‘the architect of Indian Constitution’.

Seal of Constituent Assembly of India
7. The Constitution-makers had gone through the constitutions of about 60 countries and borrowed necessary provisions from them.
8. Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi written in Devanagari script as the official language of the Republic of India on 14 September 1949. Every year Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14 September.
9. On November 17, 1947 the Constituent Assembly for the first time met as a Legislative Assembly. G. V. Mavlankar was elected as the speaker of the assembly. Later he became the first Speaker of Lok Sabha when it came to existence in 1952. Jawaharlal Nehru described him as ‘Father of Lok Sabha’.
10. The Speech known as ‘Grammar of Anarchy’ was made by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in Constituent Assembly on November 25, 1949, while presenting the Indian Draft Constitution for approval.
11. The members of the Constituent Assembly assembled for the last time to append their signatures to the Constitution on 24 January, 1950. In all, 284 members actually signed the Constitution. All members signed three copies of the Constitution namely, the English print version and the calligraphic version in English and Hindi.
12. The total expenditure incurred on making the Constitution amounted to Rs 64 lakhs.
13. The front cover of the Indian Constitution was designed by the renowned Bengali painter, Nandalal Bose. The preamble-page was designed and decorated solely by renowned painter Beohar Rammanohar Sinha of Jabalpur.
14. The original Constitution was handwritten and calligraphed by Prem Behari Narain Raizada.
15. The original Constitution of India is kept in a special helium-filled case in the Library of the Parliament of India.

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