10 Facts You Need to Know About Poet Kalidasa

1. Kalidasa is known as ‘Prince of Indian Poets’ and ‘Indian Shakespeare’
2. Kalidasa lived during the reign of Gupta King Chandragupta II ( Chandragupta Vikramaditya). He was one among the Nine Jewels or Navaratnas in the court of Chandragupta II.
3. The three Sanskrit Plays of Kalidasa are: Vikramorvasiyam, Malavikagnimitram and Abhijnanashakuntalam
4. The two epic poems of Kalidasa are: Raghuvamsa and Kumarasambhava
5. The Khandakavyas (minor poems) of Kalidasa are: Ritusamhara and Meghadoot
6. The first Indian drama ever to be translated into a western language was Abhijnanashakuntalam. The translation was done by Sir William Jones.
7. The first poetic work of Kalidasa is Ritusamhara
8. Meghadoot was translated to English by Horace Hayman Wilson. It is believed that Kalidasa wrote this work sitting on the banks of River Kshipra.
9. The inscriptions in which Kalidasa was mentioned are: Aihole Inscription and Hanamkonda Inscription
10. The Work of Kalidasa in which Kerala was mentioned is Raghuvamsa.

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