Kerala to launch Karunya Health Insurance Scheme

The state government will implement the revised comprehensive health insurance programme as Karunya Health Insurance Scheme to ensure health care to members in every family. The scheme will come into effect from April 1.

At present, the insurance coverage was given to maximum five people in a family.

Earlier, a card affixed with the photo of the head of the family was given. With the new scheme, special card will be given to each family member who comes under the coverage of the scheme.

At the same time, the government informed that a family will get health insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakh under the scheme.

According to sources, 40.96 lakh families are registered under comprehensive health insurance scheme. All these families will be included in the new scheme.


All the present insurance schemes, including the Karunya Benevolent Scheme, will now come under the KASP. No beneficiaries under these schemes will be left out. It will be benefiting 40.96 lakh families in the state,” the health minister said. She said that the Reliance General Insurance has been selected as the insurance provider for the year 2019-20. The insurance will be rolled out from April 1.

Camps to renew the insurance card will be held across the state. The beneficiaries should produce health insurance card, ration card and aadhar card of each family member to renew the card.

A new card bearing a number and photograph of the person will be given to the beneficiaries under the scheme. The new health insurance card will carry the same photograph as on your aadhar card.

People registered under the scheme must give the card number, aadhar number or registered mobile number at the hospital while taking medical care.

With the present comprehensive health insurance scheme, a family receives health insurance coverage of Rs 30,000. Senior citizens will get an additional financial aid of Rs 30,000.

However, the government also granted upto Rs 2 lakh to people suffering from deadly diseases. The new scheme will coordinate all these financial aids.

The state government implemented comprehensive health insurance scheme in 2008. Reliance Insurance executed the project for the past five years.

 When the Centre came out with the Ayushaman Bharat scheme, the state was reluctant to join the scheme since the Centre was ready to include only the 21 lakh families. But the state decided to include all the beneficiaries under the RSBY and CHIS scheme under the new scheme while incorporating the Ayushman Bharat.

It is reported that Reliance Insurance have taken the contract of the project for the next financial year. The camps to renew the card will be started once the government approve the contract.

Already an expert committee headed by Dr D Narayana, director, Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, have fixed the treatment packages for 1,824 medical treatments which have been approved by the state government.


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