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Why in News

  • The Veterinary College and Research Institute, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu has embarked on creating a database of the Chippiparai by implanting microchips in 100 of these dogs.
  • Microchipping is mandatory for dogs that are members of the Kennel Club of India (KCI) .

Why implanting microchips?

  • Authorities have come across a lot of police complaints about missing dogs and claim over ownership.
  • Now the microchip with unique identification number will help establish the ownership.
  • Creating a database of blood for Indian breeds would go a long way in helping dogs that require blood.

About Chippiparai dogs

  • The Chippiparai breed of dogs belongs to the Tamil Nadu region of South India.
  • A few of them also reside in Kerala, around Periyar Lake.
  • Chippiparai dogs are hunters; they are sight hounds who depend on their sense of sight and speed to spot, chase and kill the prey.
  • It has gained distinction as a universal donor of canine blood.
[Source: The Hindu, Indian Express]

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