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Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has launched a first ever ‘Terracotta Grinder’ at Sewapuri in Varanasi.

What is Terracotta Grinder?

It is a machine that will grind the wasted and broken pottery items for re-using in pottery-making.


It was designed by KVIC Chairman, and fabricated by a Rajkot-based engineering unit.


  • Earlier the wasted pottery items were grinded in normal khal-musal (mortar and pestle) and its fine powder was mixed with the normal clay.
  • Mixing this powder in stipulated ratio to normal clay makes the resulting pottery items stronger.
  • The Terracotta grinder will make grinding of wasted pottery items faster than the traditional mortar and pestle.
  • It will lessen the cost of production, and will also help in solving the problem of shortage of clays.
  • This will also create more job opportunities in the villages.

How it will reduce cost of production?

  • Cost of one tractor trolley of clay is Rs 2,600 in the Varanasi area.
  • By mixing 20 percent of this wasted terracotta powder in one tractor trolley of clay, the potter will make a saving of at least Rs 520.

Project REPLAN (REducing PLAstic in Nature)

  • KVIC, as part of its commitment to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, had started manufacturing of plastic-mixed handmade paper under its project REPLAN.
  • In this project, the waste plastic is collected, cleaned, chopped, beaten and treated for softness.
  • After that, it is mixed with the paper raw material i.e. cotton rags pulp in a ratio of 80 % (pulp) and 20% (plastic waste).
  • The institute has sold over six lakh handmade plastic mixed carry bags since September 2018.

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