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The Centre has removed from its blacklist — or the Central Adverse List as it is officially known — names of 312 Sikh foreign nationals involved in anti-India activities.

What is the Central Adverse List?

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs maintains a list of individuals who supported the Khalistan movement in 1980s and 90s but left India to take asylum in foreign countries.
  • This list included the name of “hardliners” who were in favour of a separate Sikh state and had opposed the Operation Blue Star.
  • The list has names of those individuals who are suspected to have links with terrorist outfits or have violated visa norms in their previous visit to India.
  • The list also includes the names of those persons who have indulged in criminal activities or have been accused of sexual crimes against children in their respective countries.
  • It has more than 35,000 names on it.
  • Various intelligence agencies constantly review this list and add new names to it.

Purpose of the List

  • This list is constantly used by all Indian Missions and Consulates to stop the individuals named in it from entering India.
  • It is a step taken by the Indian government to maintain internal security.
  • The list is also used to keep serious offenders outside India as somebody may commit a crime in his native nation and then apply for an Indian visa to escape prosecution.

What does the recent action mean?

  • The 312 Sikhs whose names have been removed from the Central Adverse list can now visit India and meet their families here.
  • Most of these Sikh nationals have remained outside country since the 1980s and have not visited their families since then.
  • With this decision of the government, they will now get access to consular services as well as an Indian visa.
  • This list had a multiplier effect in denying visas as the family members of the persons on this list were also denied visas to other countries.
[Source: Indian Express]

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