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  • Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is among four people who have won a Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel.
  • The international jury has selected four Laureates who will each receive 1 million SEK (94,000 EUR).

Recipients of the Award

Aminatou Haidar (Western Sahara)

  • She is a human rights defender and received the Award “for her steadfast nonviolent action, despite imprisonment and torture, in pursuit of justice and self-determination for the people of Western Sahara”.
  • Over 30 years of peaceful campaigning for the independence of her homeland have earned Haidar the byname “Sahrawi Gandhi”.

Guo Jianmei (China)

  • She is a lawyer and received the Award “for her pioneering and persistent work in securing women’s rights in China”.
  • She is one of the most distinguished lawyers in the field of women’s rights in China.

Greta Thunberg (Sweden)

  • She is a student climate activist and received the Award “for inspiring and amplifying political demands for urgent climate action reflecting scientific facts”.
  • She represents the powerful voice of a young generation that will have to bear the consequences of today’s political failure to stop climate change.
  • Her resolve to not put up with the looming climate disaster has inspired millions of peers to also raise their voices and demand immediate climate action.

Davi Kopenawa and Hutukara Yanomami Association (Brazil)

  • They jointly received the Award “for their courageous determination to protect the forests and biodiversity of the Amazon, and the lands and culture of its indigenous peoples”.
  • Kopenawa is one of the most respected indigenous leaders in Brazil. He has dedicated his life to protecting Yanomami rights, their culture and lands in the Amazon.
  • Kopenawa is co-founder and President of the Hutukara Yanomami Association which is conserving the rainforest and advancing indigenous rights in Brazil.

About Right Livelihood Award

  • The Right Livelihood Award was established in 1980 by Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull to “honour and support courageous people solving global problems”.
  • It has become widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize and there are now 174 Laureates from 70 countries.
  • The Swedish Right Livelihood Foundation has Special Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council.

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