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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 for his efforts to resolve the long-running conflict with neighbouring foe Eritrea.

Why Abiy Ahmed was chosen for the Nobel?

  • He received the award for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.
  • According to international observers, up to three million Ethiopians may be internally displaced.
  • That is in addition to the million or so refugees and asylum seekers from neighbouring countries.
  • On July 9, 2018, following a historic meeting in Eritrea’s capital Asmara, Abiy and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki formally ended a 20-year-old stalemate between the countries in the wake of the 1998-2000 border conflict.
  • He is Africa’s youngest leader and has instilled certain optimism in a region of Africa marred by violence.
  • The prize is also meant to recognise all the stakeholders working for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia and in the East and Northeast African regions.

About Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country and has East Africa’s largest economy.
  • Eritrea broke from its federation with Ethiopia in April 1993.
  • Eritrea became an independent country located strategically at the mouth of the Red Sea on the Horn of Africa, bordering crucial shipping lanes.
  • Ethiopia is landlocked, and through the years of the war with Eritrea, it has been dependent heavily on Djibouti for access to the sea.
  • Ethiopia lies completely within the tropical latitudes and its capital is Addis Ababa (“New Flower”).
[Source: The Hindu]


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