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Economist Intelligence Unit has released Global Microscope on Financial Inclusion Report 2019.

About the Report

  • The Global Microscope for Financial Inclusion is a benchmarking index that assesses the enabling environment for financial access in 55 countries
  • The 2019 edition features 11 new gender-focused indicators that measure financial inclusion for both women and men.

Key Highlights of the Report

  • India is placed among the top nations with the most conducive environment for financial inclusion in terms of allowing non-banks to issue e-money, proportionate customer due diligence and effective consumer protection.
  • The overall environment for financial inclusion has improved globally with India, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico having the most favourable conditions for inclusive finance.
  • Within the overall framework for promoting digital financial inclusion, the report identified four basic enablers.
  • The four basic enablers are allowing non-banks to issue e-money, presence of financial service agents, proportionate customer due diligence and effective financial consumer protection.
  • Only four countries – Colombia, India, Jamaica and Uruguay – scored perfectly across all four parameters.
  • South Africa, India, Mexico, Tanzania and Uruguay were among the top countries that safeguard e-money via some sort of deposit insurance or protection.

National Strategy for Financial Inclusion

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has prepared a draft National Strategy for Financial Inclusion to deepen financial services’ coverage in the country.
  • The strategy is expected to be finalised in 2019 and will cover a five-year period.

[Source: The Hindu]


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