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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) [Paper-II]: Nature and Scope of ICT, ICT in day today life, ICT and industry, ICT and Governance – various Government schemes promoting use of ICT

Infrastructure [Paper-II]: Telecommunication


  • Kerala State Cabinet accorded administrative sanction for the ₹1548 crore K-Fon project aimed at providing free high speed Internet connection to over 20 lakh BPL families in Kerala.
  • The project aims to strengthen the internet backbone of the state and to provide free or subsidised internet connection to people.

What is K-Fone Project?

  • Kerala Fiber optic Network (KFON) project is the Mega Infrastructure Project of the Government of Kerala.
  • The scheme aims at creating an optic fibre network parallel to the distribution network of the KSEB.
  • It will provide Internet connection to BPL families, government offices, hospitals and schools.
  • About 20 lakh below poverty line (BPL) families will be given free Internet connection.
  • WiFi hotspots will be set up across the state to help connected-users in schools, hospitals, offices and houses.
  • Under the WiFi scheme, around 30 million people will have free access to all websites and mobile applications of the state data centre.


  • The scheme is being implemented with financial assistance from the KIIFB as part of an ambitious programme to ensure all citizens have access to Internet.
  • It envisages a State-wide optical fibre network to be set up by Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEB) and Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited to link houses and offices.
  • A consortium led by Bharat Electronics Limited had bagged the bid for the ambitious project to be completed by December 2020.


  • Licenced Internet service providers and cable TV operators can utilise the optic fibre network to provide services to citizens.
  • The project would open the possibility for the State to take a giant leap in the IT sector, with major gains in the Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and startup domains.
  • Government offices and educational institutions would be linked through the high speed network.
  • It will give a push to the digitalisation of government services like the e-health programme.
  • IT parks, airports and seaports will also benefit from the linkage.
  • Small scale enterprises using e-commerce platforms will benefit from K-Fon.
  • The project will help in High quality video conferencing and transport management.
  • The network will also link all mobile towers in the State for better mobile Internet services.
[Source: The Hindu,]


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