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Researchers have developed the ‘FrogPhone’, a novel device which allows scientists to call up a frog survey site and monitor them in the wild.

What is Frog Phone?

  • It is the world’s first solar-powered remote survey device that relays environmental data to the observer via text messages, whilst conducting real-time remote acoustic surveys over the phone.
  • The device has been developed at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra and the University of Canberra in collaboration with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Region Frogwatch Program and the Australian National University.


  • With FrogPhone, researchers can simply “calla frog habitat. After a call is made to one of the FrogPhones already on a site, the device will take three seconds to receive it.
  • During these few seconds, the device’s temperature sensors will get activated and environmental data such as air temperature, water temperature and battery voltage will be sent to the caller’s phone via a text message.
  • The calls will have minimal background noise and clear sound quality that will give the callers the ability to identify different frog species based on their knowledge of frog calls – croaks.
  • Because frogs are most active during night, researchers are usually required to make nightly observations in order to monitor them on site.
  • The FrogPhone will allow researchers to dial these devices remotely, and analyse the data later.


  • The FrogPhone will help to drastically reduce the costs and risks involved in remote or high intensity surveys.
  • Its use will also minimize potential negative impacts of human presence at survey sites.
  • These devices also allow for monitoring of local frog populations more frequently than before, which is important because these populations are recognised as indicators of environmental health.
[Source: Indian Express, sciencedaily]


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