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Environment [Paper-II]: Climate change, International initiatives (Policies, Protocols) and India’s commitment


73 countries have joined the Climate Ambition Alliance (CAA) at the UNFCCC COP25 held in Madrid, Spain under the presidency of the Chilean government.

Climate Ambition Alliance

  • Chilean Presidency of the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC announced a renewed Climate Ambition Alliance, in which participating countries commit to accelerate action by 2020 and achieve net zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050.
  • During the September 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, President of Chile launched the Alliance to accelerate the transformation needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change and stabilize the global average temperature rise at 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.
  • 73 countries have “signaled their intention to submit an enhanced climate action plan” to the UNFCCC.
  • The Alliance will also focus on implementing measures to strengthen the protection of forests and oceans.
  • On adaptation, the Alliance will galvanize actions to improve water management, resilient infrastructure and sustainable cities.

Why India did not join the Alliance?

India has made it clear that the country has been on track to meet its Paris Agreement targets and it would consider any new ambition only when the stocktake of the current targets under the deal happens in 2023.

[Source: Economic Times, sdg.iisd.org]

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