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Central government has decided to extend the mission period of its flagship initiative Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) by two more years.


  • AMRUT scheme was launched on June 25, 2015 by PM Modi.
  • It was launched with the aim of providing basic civic amenities like water supply, sewerage, urban transport, parks as to improve the quality of life for all especially the poor and the disadvantaged.
  • The government’s flagship initiative promises 139 lakh water connections by March 2020, 145 lakh sewer connections, storm water drainage projects, parks and green spaces and LED streetlights with a total outlay of Rs 77,640 crore (including central assistance of Rs 35,990).
  • The Mission covers 500 cities that include all cities and towns with a population of over one lakh with notified Municipalities.
  • Total outlay for AMRUT is 50,000 crores for five years from FY 2015-16 to FY 2019-20 and the Mission is being operated as Central Sponsored Scheme. The Scheme is now exteneded by two more years.
  • Under AMRUT, Ministry of Urban Development bears 50% of project costs for cities with a population of below 10 lakhs each and one third of project cost for those with a population of above 10 lakhs each.
  • Central assistance is of the order of 90% for North-East and hilly States and 100% in case of Union Territories.


The focus of the Mission is on infrastructure creation that has a direct link to provision of better services to the citizens.


The purpose of “AMRUT” mission is to

  • ensure that every household has access to a tap with assured supply of water and a sewerage connection
  • increase the amenity value of cities by developing greenery and well maintained open spaces e.g. parks
  • reduce pollution by switching to public transport or constructing facilities for non-motorized transport e.g. walking and cycling.

Project Components

The major project components are Water Supply system, Sewerage, Septage, Storm Water Drainage, Urban Transport, Green Space and Parks, Reforms management and support, Capacity building etc. in that order of priority.

Why the Mission was extended?

  • According to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, over the last five years, only 2,316 projects worth Rs 7,195 crore – 9.2% of the total outlay – have been completed.
  • Contracts for a big chunk of 2,962 projects have been awarded and work is in progress.
  • About 46% of water connection and 28.3% of sewer connection targets have been achieved between June 2015 and December 2019.
  • Under this mission, government has undertaken very big projects in water and sewerage, which take several years to complete.
  • Thus, the states need more time to achieve the targets and the Ministry has decided to extend the mission by two more years till March 2022.
[Source: Economic Times,]


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