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Economy [Paper-II]: Infrastructure in Indian Economy, Telecommunication

Why in News?

  • Digital Communications Commission, the apex decision-making body at the telecom department approved Rs 5.22 lakh crore spectrum auction plan.

News in Detail

  • The decision marks no change in the reserve pricing of the spectrum finalised by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
  • The auction will entail sale of over 8300 MHz of spectrum spread over all 22 telecom circles, the reserve price of which comes to Rs 5,22,850 crore.
  • The sale is likely to take place in March-April, 2020.
  • Of the spectrum to be put on sale, a lion’s share of 6050 MHz has been set aside for 5G spectrum that will enable services using cutting-edge next-generation mobile technology.
  • While there’s no spectrum price reduction, the DCC has decided to offer a two-year moratorium on payment for the airwaves across bands, besides relaxation in upfront payments.

What is 5G Technology?

  • 5G is a set of technical ground rules that define the workings of a cellular network, including the radio frequencies used and how various components like computer chips and antennas handle radio signals and exchange data.
  • Since the first cellphones were demonstrated in the 1970s, engineers from multiple companies have convened to agree on new sets of specifications for cellular networks, which are designated a new technology generation every decade or so.
  • As the rules are established, technology, infrastructure and equipment is updated — providers install new equipment to transmit the signal and companies develop devices to take advantage of the new technology.
  • The standards for the usage of 5G are defined and driven by 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
  • The 5G networks are powered by a new technology referred to as millimeter wave, or mmWave.
  • A 5G user will be able to seamlessly use 5G, 4G, and Wi-Fi since 5G will interwork both with 4G and Wi-Fi, allowing a user to simultaneously be connected to 5G New Radio (NR), LTE or Wi-Fi.

Key Features


  • As per the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Committee on Digital Economic Policy, 5G technologies rollout will help in,
  • Increasing GDP
  • Creating Employment
  • Digitizing the economy
  • For India, 5G provides an opportunity for industry to reach out to global markets, and consumers to gain with the economies of scale.

Steering Committee on 5G

  • Central Government has constituted 5G steering committee chaired by Stanford University’s Professor Emeritus AJ Paulraj in September 2017 to suggest a road map for adoption of 5G.
  • The 9-member Steering Committee submitted its 5G high level forum report titled ‘Making India 5G Ready’ in August, 2018.
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