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  • A six member team attached to Pathanamthitta Bird-watchers has spotted Anser Indicus, the Bar-headed goose in the wetlands of Karingali Puncha, near Pandalam, in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala.
  • Two years ago, a few birds were observed in the Periyar Lake at Thekkady. Before that some other observations were made in the Thrissur kole fields and in Kollam.
  • Large flocks used to visit the Koonthakulam bird sanctuary at Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. However, it is rare that the bird is spotted in Kerala.

About Bar-headed goose

  • The bar-headed goose was the 336th bird species found in Pathanamthitta district.
  • They are found in Central China and Mongolia and they breed there.
  • They start the migration to the Indian sub-continent during the winter and stay here till the end of the season.
  • They are one of the birds which can fly even at very high altitude. They come to India and return to their homes by crossing the Himalayan ranges.
  • Their ability to sustain the high oxygen demands of flight in the air that is exceedingly oxygen-thin is exceptional.
  • The capacity of bar-headed geese to transport and consume oxygen at high rates in hypoxia distinguishes this species from similar lowland waterfowl.
[Source: The Hindu]


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