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Answer Writing Assignment(22-04-2020)

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Describe the battle that took place in Plassey in June 23, 1757  ?(200 Words)

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  • The Battle of Plassey took place between the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-daula and the British Commander General Robert Clive. It was held in 23rd June 1757. In fact it was conspiracy against the Nawab by the enemies to fulfill their selfish motives.The British organised web intrigue and treachery with the chief of the Army , Mir Jafar the Mir Bakshi. The English kept a set of impossible demands in front of Nawab, it turned necessary to fight to finish. In 1757, the rivals faced each other in the battlefield of Plassey. Due to the matchfixing of the Mir Jafar with the English, Siraj ud daula was assasinated by the British, and they installed Mir Jafar as the new Nawab of Bengal. The victory of the English in the Battle of Plassey laid the foundation stone for the Indian dominion.

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