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Answer Writing Assignment(19-05-2020)

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Distinguish between point and nonpoint sources of water pollution.Give examples? (75 words)


    • Good Attempt!


      1. Please stick on to the word limit. The question demands the answer in 75 words, but here the answer contains around 150 words.

      2. Normally, we can write intro and conclusion in 150 words question. But this is a 5 marks direct question. It means that you can start with definition of Point and Non Point sources of water pollution itself. It will help you in completing the answer within the stipulated word and time limit. It would have been better if you avoided the first para which is out of the demand of the question.

      3. The key demand of the question is met as you have explained about point and non point sources of pollution with examples.

      3. It would be better if you underline key words in the answer. Eg: The word ‘discrete conveyances’ mentioned while writing about point sources of pollution so that examiner can easily identify the key terms in your answer.

      4. You can also try presenting the answers in bullet point format, drawing some flowchart or by drawing a table to distinguish between the point sources and non point sources. These will make your answers more attractive to the examiner and will help you fetch more marks.

      Btw, overall it was a good attempt. Practice Answer Writing daily. It will help you to sharpen your answer writing skills!


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