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Answer Writing Assignment(20-05-2020)

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What do you understand by “Standard Positioning System” and “Precision Positioning System” in the GPS era? Discuss the advantages India perceives from its ambitious IRNSS programme employing just seven satellites. (150 words)


    • @ Kaveya

      Good Attempt!


      1. The introduction is perfect.

      2. Understanding of the Question is very important while writing an answer. Question is just asking us what do you understand by Standard Positioning System and Precision Positioning System. You have answered it pretty well in the first page. So the contents in page 2, 3 and 4 are not required. (If you want, you can briefly point out the important points in those pages in 2-3 lines)

      3. The word limit of answer is 150 words. So, as said earlier, by writing only the relevant content, you can complete the answer in those limit. Here, instead of 1.5 or 2 page, you have written the answer in 5 pages. Please try to correct this in your next answer.

      4. The second part of the question is about discussing the advantages of IRNSS. You have correctly enumerated majority of the advantages. But since the question is ‘Discuss’, you should also explain how it will become an advantage in 1-2 lines.
      Eg: While writing ‘Disaster Management’, please also mention about natural disasters and how IRNSS can play a role in countering it.

      NB: Overall the answer is well written, but you should try to answer the question in the stipulated word limit – i.e, 150 words

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