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Answer Writing Assignment(01-06-2020)

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India’s Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), which has a database containing formatted information on more than 2 million medicinal formulations, is providing a powerful weapon in country’s fight against erroneous patents. Discuss pros and cons of making this database publicly available under open source licensing? (150 words)


    • Good Attempt 👍


      1. Introduction should be written within 2- lines

      2. The Structure of the Answer is good as you have written pros and cons in seperate sub headings.

      3. You have written the definition of TKDL as First point in Pros sub heading. It should be avoided. Instead, you can write that definition as Introduction.

      4. You have written issues regarding TKDL in pros part. It should be avoided. Here you should write important points like Benefit Research program, Enable free access and development of Traditional knowledge, greater accuracy etc.

      5. In Cons part, you can mention issues of bio piracy, difference in rights granted in different countries etc.


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