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“English education was introduced by the rulers in the interest of efficient administration, but it gave a new direction to Indian political thinking and ultimately led to the sunset of British rule from India.” In light of the statement, trace the growth of education in India and its effects on the freedom struggle. (150 words)


  • For the first 60 years of dominion in india the east india company did not take any effort in the promotion of education in india. Later the arrival of Christian missionaries and British intervention ,Indian education lost its initial structure and took up a new form.
    Culcutta madrasa by Warren Hastings
    Sanscrit college by Jonathan Dunkon
    Fort William college by Wellesley to train civil servants in language and customs of Indians


    1. Charter act 1813
    The act directed the company to issue one lakh rupee annually for the promotion of education of the country. But it was not allowed till 1823.
    2. Mecaule’s minutes
    The orientalist-anglicist controversy was setteled in favour of English in 1835 by mecaule’s minutes and started English education in india and set back of vernacular language.
    3. Down filtration theory
    British neglected mass education. Their aim is to create a class of people who acts as an interpreters between mass and the government.
    4. Universities act 1904
    They think educational institutions (universities)were the factories producing political revelutionaries . Through universities act they envisaged the control of universities.

    By providing education to indians their greater aim war to create a class of people who were indian in blood and colour but English in moral ,thought,intellect,opinion. They thought this would help in prolonging the British rule in india.


    * The liberal and radical thoughts of British writers like John Stuart mill and Russo helped many Indians imbribe secular,national,democratic ideas.
    * English education help the nationalist to identify the exploitative nature of British (drain theory of Dadabhai Navaroji) that helps in eye opening of masses.
    * English became the official language ,national leaders from different linguistic regions could communicate their ideas and unite.
    * Modern education create uniformity in Outlook and interests among masses.
    * Though the British did not give mass education, they get filtered through political parties ,palmlets,public platforms,press etc
    * Press is good medium for promotion of education,desseminated modern-scoentific ideas,
    * Variuos studies on indian culture reveals indians confidence in own culture and break British superiority
    * Awareness about various revolution like Irish, russian etc inspired

    What started as an endeavour to British to create working class was a greatest weapon against them because ingnited minds were difficult to induce and this became one of the reason for sunset of British rule in india.

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