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In many senses Rabindra Nath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi thought about education in similar ways. There were, however, differences too.” Elucidate. (150 words)

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  • Both mahathma Gandhi and tagore believes in learning as a means to develop one’s personality and also simply learning to read and write does not count as education.

    Gandhi’s views
    * He believes that western education may create inferiority in the minds of Indians and they lost pride in their own culture . And it will create educated indians to follow British rule.
    * He strongly believes that English is not the medium of masses
    *Through english education one learn read and write rather than living experience and practical knowledge thus lacking skill development.

    Tagore’s views
    *He believes that child hood should be self learning outside the rigid and resticted schooling system
    *Teachers should be more imaginative and understand child help him to develop creativity
    * Curiosity will be increased through environment
    * He said study science and technology in shantinikethan along with art,music,and dance.

    Similarities in their views

    *Both believes that education is a means of one’s personality development.
    * They also want to educate people in mothertoungue.
    *Both were critic of western education.

    Differences in their views
    *Gandhi was highly critic to western education but tagore accepts the good elements of western education
    *Gandhi was critic to machine and technology,but tagore believed in modern technology along with practical knowledge.
    *Tagore adopts plato’s idea of creating curiosity in minds but gandhi believed in learning by activity through his concept of nayee talim.

    tagore’s and Gandhi’s ideas have similarities and differences based on their socio cultural baground,political ideas and life experiences.

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