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Answer Writing Assignment(22-06-2020)

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The Railway system was built not for the modernisation of India, but to serve the imperial, colonial and strategic objectives of the British. Examine. (150 words)


  • The idae of constuction of railways started in India in 1831-32. First railway started in india from Mumbai-Tane in 1853. It played a major role in the modernisation of India.
    It started with limited objectives of serving British interest.

    *Britain’s production capacity has increased enormously,railway help to procure raw materials especially cotton from remote areas
    *They also want to market the finished good,which could be possible at cheapest transportation cost through railways.

    These two factors scuttled indian local industies. Handloom industries already facing high tarrif and taxes.
    They do not consider India’s industrial needs and started a commercial revolution in place of industrial revolution in india.

    It was an investment outlet for Brittain for their excess capital,with guaranteed interest paid by Indians not brittain’s taxes and also the benefits from construction of railways especially the encouragement of steel and machine industries taken by Brittain not indians.

    They also want to mobilise their troop against any internal rebellion or external agression.

    Also aimed to strengthen their administrative control..

    Some positive effects to india
    @ people from different regions could mingle and it help to increase unity and consciousness as one nation
    @common people can reach national leaders wich help in developing liberal modern values among masses.
    @indian traders could improve their trading and commercial activities.
    @ get more employment opportunities
    @bring new areas into mainstream of political and commercial activities that improve modernisation

    Thus starting with narrow objectives railways nonethless proved to be a blessing in disguise for indians…

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