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How does biodiversity vary in India? How is the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 helpful in conservation of flora and fauna? (150 words)


  • Biogeographically India is situated in the tri-junction of afro-tropical,indo-malaya,paleo-artic realms.there for india has characteristics of each of them. The assemblage of these three realms results in rich and unique bio diversity in india.
    Various bio diversities in india are.,
    @ the Himalayan region
    Tropical rain forest and subtropical and alpine forest are seen here. Sambar,snow leopard,brown bear are seen here.
    @ indian desert
    Natural vegetation consists of tropical thorn forest and dry deciduos forest . Most of the major insect specious are seen here.
    43 specious of reptiles and bird endemic are also found here.
    Evergreen to dry deciduous found here. Lion tailed maquac,malabar grey hornbill,Nilgiri thar etc found here.
    @deccan peninsula
    Large part is covered by tropical forest.tropical dry deciduos forest are seen in eastern western and central part. Sambar,chital,sloth bear found here.
    @gangetic plains
    Tropical dry deciduous forest ,mangrooves of Sundarbans…
    Crocodiles,rhinoserous, elephant,fresh water turtle etc found here.
    Evergreen and semi evergreen forest, moist deciduous monsoon forest found here. mammalian fauna of 390 specious of which 63 percent found in Assam.
    @ indian islands
    2200 specious of higher plants are found here.

    Bio diversity act 2002 enacted for the conservation of biodiversity in india, sustainable use of it make fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of use of traditional biological resources and knowledge.
    It is helpful in conservation of flora and fauna.
    Act aims to respect and protect people who know the use of biological resources.
    It secures sharing of benefits with local people as they are the conservers of biological resources and holders of knowledge and information relating to the use of biological resources.
    With wast and varied biodiversity, india has been in forefront for conservation of specious of all flora and fauna by enacting legislations like bio diversity act,2002..

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