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Answer Writing Assignment(25-06-2020)

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What is wetland? Explain the Ramsar concept of ‘wise use’ in the context of wetland conservation. Cite two examples of Ramsar sites in India. (150 words)


    • Introduction is good. You can also mention that wetlands act as ecotones between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

      Main Body is not upto the mark. Here, you should explain the concept of ‘wise use’ rather than just quoting some points.

      You should write – “What is wise use concept in Ramsar Convention”?
      (for that you can refer https://www.ramsar.org/about/the-wise-use-of-wetlands)

      You can also write about the ‘wise use’ by seperately mentioning wise use of ‘water’ , ‘land’ and ‘biomass’.

      Last part of the question (examples) is well adressed in the answer.

      Conclusion is OK. Here, you can also mention ‘Significance of Wetlands and how they are vital for Human survival’

      Keep practicing!

  • Wetlands include a wide variety of habitats like marshes,paetlands,flood plains,lakes, costal areas duch as salt marshes,mangrooves,sea grass sandbed,coral reefs and other marine areas not deeper than 6 meter from low tide . Wetlands also include human made wetlands such as waste water storage ponds,reservoirs etc.it act as an ecotone between teresrial and aquatic eco systems.

    Ramsar concept of wise use means effective use of wetland’s biomass and ecological character within the framework of sustainable development.
    Developmental activities are inevitable in wetland for poor families
    Economic activities are also inevitable in this area.
    For developmental and economic activities wetland water and biomass should be used not harming it’s ecological character.

    Application for wise use concepts are
    * Use of water
    Farmers in wetland requires fresh water for paddy vegetable cultivation. Overuse of freshwater will affect its regenarating capacity.fish,amphibions will die. Therefore govt introduced ceiling in water.
    * Use of land
    Wetland purify water and air this will help protecting human health. Mining, infrastructure ,transportation services will harm human health. Land of wetland should not be used for such activities.
    *Use of biomass
    Fishing is one of the main occupation of people in wetland area. Excessive fishing especially in reproductive season will harm foodweb. Hence govt introduce aquaculture, rice-fish management practices.

    Ramsar entered in india in early 80’s. Now 26 sites in india.
    Eg -: chilka lake, loktak lake,astamudi lake

    Wetland conservation is crucial for protection of biodiversity and mitigating adverse effect of climate change. Due to high poverty and population developing countries and least developed countries cannot keep wetlands pristine condition completely from human interventions. Wise use concept act as a balance between these two opposing aspects.

    • Good Answer

      You can also mention that Contracting parties adopted Guidelines for the implementation of wise use concept in 1990 . (Refer the link provided in the review given to Kaveya’s Answer)

      You can also add more dimensions to the answer by mentioning aspects related to Tourism, Research etc.

      You can also write 1-2 points about the examples, instead of only mentioning the names of the sites.

      Keep practicing!

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