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How far is the Integrated Farming System (IFS) helpful in sustaining agricultural production? (150 words)

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  • Integrated farming system is an interrelated,interdependent,and interlocking production system with few crops,few animals and other subsidiary enterprices with maximise the utilisation of nutrients of each system to achieve maximum benefit to farmers and minimise negative effects to environment.

    It can help in tacling the problem of farmers in following ways
    1. Utilising the by-product of one system as the input of another system to develop supplementary and complementary enterprice relationship. This will reduce effective input cost.
    2. Maximisation of yield
    3. Rejuvanate production to achieve agro-ecological equillibrium.
    4. Control the build up of insect pests,disease,weed population through natural cropping system management.
    5.reduce the use of chemicals pesticides,agrochemicals to ensure pollution free healthy environment
    6. increse natural resource use efficiency
    7. Mitigating negative images of agriculture and livestock on environment.
    8. Some ifs feature like organic farming developing judicious mix of various agricultural activities such as fishing,poultry,diary ,goat rearing,cmunity led local system of water conservation etc help in reducing farmers distress.
    9. IFS is more suiltable to hilly areas of North eastern states. Some are integrated fishing cum poultry, fishing cum diary,fishing cum pig farming etc.

    While IFS provide income and nutritional security to farmers it is not free from challenges. Some are,

    Small and medium farmers cannot afford large cattles so ruminate them goat and sheep

    Farmers recoding in non costal area are hesitated about fishing poultry etc
    Mashroom farming ,bee keeping etc not included in MSP system .so integrate them with food processing system and hotel industries.

    Integrated farming system helps in improving agricultural economy and there by increse the standard of living of farmers. It is a low cost farming system that help to maximise the utilisation of farm waste and fuller itilisation of resources and manpower.

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