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Assess the impact of global warming on the coral life system with examples (150 words)

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  • Coral reefs are among the most threatened ecosystem on earth,largely due to unprecedented global warming and climatic conditions cmbined with local pressures.
    Impact of global warming on corals
    1. Bleaching
    This is the phenomenon where corals lost their distinctive colour due to the loss of zooxanthalle algae. This algae live in a symbiotic relationship ,their death also leads to death of corals. Eg- great barrier reef in Australia.
    2. Fluctuation in mineral composition of oceans
    Temperature of ocean regulates the mineral content present in it such as magnesium and calcium. With the imbalance in mineral content ,the corals are unable to utilize these minerals and survive. Eg corals reefs in carrebian islands.
    3. Nutrients
    Phytoplanktons are majour sourse of nutrient to corals . These sustain their lives in subtropical temperature. Without these organisms corals cannot survive.
    Eg reduction in planktons in subtropical water.
    4. Mineral imbalance
    Due to increse in global temparature corals are losing their mineral content. Eg coral colonies in carrebian islands
    5. Ocean acidification
    This is one of the main reason for reduction in coral reefs. Eg coral reefs in Andaman Nicobar islands.

    Urgent steps that reverse global temparature is the need of the hour.
    This includes methods like curbing carbon emission,ozone protection
    Reduce burning of fossil fuels and emission of gases such as SO2,CO2,NO2
    Reducing pollution near water bodies ,banning of non biodegradable products near ocean bodies
    Artificial reefs can be a solution to stop an island from drowning.

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