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Discuss the causes and results of the Fourth Anglo-Mysore war. (150 words)

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  • The primary cause of fourth Anglo Mysore war was the imperialistic policy of lord Wellesly. Tipu also was preparing himself to settle his score with english. He did not forget humiliation and failure in 3rd Anglo Mysore war against British. He was preparing himself to restore his lost power and prestige. He organised his infantry and cavalry and trained them, supress rebellious cheifs. In 1796, titular hindu ruler died and Tipu refused to place his minor son on the throne and declared himself as sulthan. He sought alliances with French powers against British and sent ambassadors to turkey and Afghanistan .and became a member in French Jacobin club. Some french volunteers came to Mysore and planted tree of liberty.
    Wellesly who came to india as governor general of company was equally anxious to finish Tipu. He saw all activities of Tipu as of an enemy.
    He also determined to eleminate the influence of French from the court of native rulers. Mysore could be an easy prey. He opend negotiations with Nizam and Peshwa. He offered Peshwa that he would give half of the terittory captured from Tipu.

    Mysore was attacked. Tipu was defeated and forced to take shelter in srirangapattanam. British captured srirangapattanam . Tipu died in 1799. Fourth Anglo Mysore war destroyed the state of Mysore. English gave some territory to Nizam . Peshwa was also given territory near his territory. English occupied large part of the Mysore . Rest was given to the minor son of previous hindu ruler who accept subsidiary allaince system. Tipu’s son fathe Ali surrenderd to British. Tipu’s family members were imprisoned.

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