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Clash of personalities and of national interests witnessed at Paris was responsible for failure of Paris Peace Conference. Comment (150 words)  


  • Paris peace comference was conducted by the victorious allies in between 1919 and 1920 after the first world war to set peace terms for defeated Central powers. It’s major decision was to form league of Nations and five peace treaties with defeated states.

    Wudro Wilson was head of American delegation had come to establish long and durable peace with justice and neutrality. He was an idealist. Many times his idealism get conflict with materialism.
    With his long experiance and diplomatic ideas Clemencue was most influenced not only in France but also throughout the conference. He saw how Germany attack France and he had a revenge . So he hate idealism cannot consider fourteen points of Wilson.

    British PM David Lloyd George was a realist. His approach was pragmatic and balanced. He wanted permanent peace in Europe.

    Orlando was a skilled diplomat and orator. he displeaced wilson insisting the fulfilment of promises made in secreat alliance during war and finally walked away from the conference.
    All of them were great leaders and had their own understanding of the situations. Wilson wanted to establish long and durable peace with justice and neutrality. Clemencue and Orlando protect the interest of their own countries.
    Lloyd was no doubt want international peace on the basis of truth and justice but willing to do all only if Britain’s interest are protected. Thus the procedings of conference was hindered by the conflicting approach adopted by the personalities.
    Thus Paris treaty failed to create a secure,peaceful lasting wold order.

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