• First Carnatic was held in between 1746 and 1748,fought between English and French forces. People involved are Duplix(French governor), Major Stringer Laurence(British) and Anwarudin(Nawab of Carnatic).
    France and Britain are in the opposite sides of the camp at the war of Austrian succession held in Europe in 1740. This war led them to trade in India vyving with each other for their supremacy.
    French governor led indian sepoys under French officers. French east india company was nationalised in 1720. British held a naval attack against French in 1746 ,even pondichery was in danger. Duplix defended against this attack and captured Madras which had been controlled by British. English made another attack against French instead faced heavy loss. English seek nawabs help. Anwarudin asked French to return back Madras to British. Nawab sent a huge army to fight French force. This army was defeated by French . War ended in 1748 with the treaty of aix-la -chapelle.
    Effects of the war were-
    Madras was given back to British insted luiceberg in North America to France

    French realise superiority of Europeans who used this opportunity to influence Indian princes to establish French harmony in South India.

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