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  • Ocean currents are the streams made up of vertical and horizontal movement of surface water of ocean. The factors causes ocean currents are as follows
    1. Planetary winds are the main cause of ocean currents. The winds blow over the surface and it causes the movement of water along with them
    2. Difference in density and salinity makes ocean currents. The denser water to sink and move as under current and lighter water moves upward in the surface as surface current
    3. Rotation of earth causes coriolis force and it makes the ocean current
    4. Frictional force will cause slowing the ocean current. Surrounding fluid moving in different velocity causes ocean current
    5. The shape of coast line also may causes ocean currents
    Effects of ocean currents
    Wind blowing over warm currents become warm and collect moisture from it and when the wind reaches the land it becomes cool and causes rainfall
    By predicted long lasting and short time ocean currents the navigation in the sea will be east
    Fishing will be easy by finding out the places where warm ocean current and hot current meet each other where plankton which is the food for fishes.

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