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  • Peasant uprisings or peasant movement were the struggle of peasants during british colonial rule. It was against the british policies that ruined the traditional handicraft and small industries suffered a lot. Changing of ownership of land and extra ordinary rent and impoverished peasantry caused the uprisings
    The policies of britain were always supportive to land lords and moneylenders and made the life of peasantries so miserable. Many occasions they opposed the measures of britain
    Indigo revolt happened when european traders compelled the farmers to cultivate indigo. In 1859=60 they protested against that.
    Pabna movement happened when landlords in discriminately raised the rent of land
    Deccan revolt was against money lenders who occupied bonds, agreements and decrees from farmers and compelled them to pay more interest. It was happened in maharashtra.the farmers needed to obtain those documents from moneylenders
    Champaran satyagraha lead by gandhiji on behalf of indigo farmers in 1917.the peasants were exploited by not only europeans but also the zamindars
    Mappila rebellion 1921 was an uprising against landlordism in kerala
    All the movements like burdoli, kheda telangana were against the policies of britain and the attitudes of landlords

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