• Regulating act 1773 was the first attempt made by British parliament to control the activities of Eastindia company in India.
    1. Warran Hastings became governor general of Bengal
    2. It establish a supreme court at Calcutta in 1774.It consist of 4 judges including chief justice sir Elijah impey.

  • Regulating act 1773 was the regulations made by british parliament on east india company. During that period the company was in financial crisis due to the bad administration of the company. The company had a significant importance to britain since it was the only company which had monopoly in trade in indian subcontinent.
    It was the first step taken by britain to control the administration of the company. The major features of the act were
    1 limited company’s dividend to 6% till it paid the debt
    2. Governor of bengal elevated as governor general of bengal and a supreme council consisted of four members appointed to help governor
    3. The presidency of madras and bombay subsumed under bengal presidency
    4. Banned the private trade of employees
    5. A supreme court was established in bengal in fort william of culcutta
    It paved the way of direct administration of britain in india. Subsequent acts regulations followed by that act made the country under full british control later

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