• The 1857 revolt commonly known as ” sipoy riot” was an armed uprising against the british authority. It was decisively defeated by british forces.
    The 1857 revolt was a rebellion effort to indicate the anger of indian people against british administration. Many historians were an opinion that it was the first organised revolt against the british. But it had a lack of organised ideological mooring.
    The reasons behind the riot was many but the immediate reason was religious. The treatment of british authority caused the revolt very much also the measures that taken by the british authority to capture indian sub continent.
    The revolt was limited to a small geographical area central and northern india.majority of indian people were not aware of the movement.
    They didnt have an ideology for common. It might be triggered the national interest but it was itself against only the discrimination of british rule.
    They just wanted to capture the british attention to their problems and didnt oppose the british rule as a whole
    They didnt have a proper organisation even they didnt know what to do next.
    They just tried to establish the mughal rule that almost demised due to british rule and never discussed the entity of india as a whole nation.
    The 1857 revolt was definitely a movement to trigger the national interest but it failed to find out a common ideology and support of whole nation to their revolt

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