• Justice party or south indian liberation federation was a political party in madras province. It was established in 1916 by Dr. Natesa mudaliar. It is formed as a result of series non brahmin conference and meetings in madras presidency. The aim of the party was to eliminate the brahmanical authority over relegion
    and government jobs. The justice party formation marked the culmination of several efforts to establish an organisation of non brahmanical people and the start of dravidian movement.
    In early years it submitted many petitions to british authorities for the sake of non brahmanical sectors. After the montegu- chelmsford reforms in 1919 diarchy system in british provinces the justice party contested in the election and won. From 1920 to 1937 they contested and won in 4 out of 5 elections and formed ministry. It was an alternative to national congress in madras province. In 1937 they lost to congress and never recovered.It came under the leadership of EV Ramasamy naikar and his self respect movement. He converted the party as dravidar kazhakam and stayed away from electoral politics.
    The justice party took many controversial stands as it was against the brahmanical authority. It was against to national congress since they thought that congress was a bramanical party. It opposed the home rule movement and annie besant. The party was isoloted due to its rigid stand against all of those matters. The party campaigned against non co operation movement. The justice party and dravida kazhakam were considered as the predecessors of dravida munnetta kazhakam and all india anna dravida munnetta kazhakam in present tamilandu politics

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