• * Introduction is good.
      * In the Main Body, Arrange the contents under two seperate sub headings – ‘Ecological’ and ‘Economical’ benefits
      * Try to include key terms like Land quality improvement, Sustainable development, Investment and Employment opportunities etc in the answer.
      * Contents are good. But, try to improve your presentation, so that you will get more marks for writing the same content.
      * Keep practicing

    • Sikkim has been awarded as the organic state recently. Sikkim is the first state that avoided artificial components and fertilizers in farming
      Ecological benefit of organic farming
      1 land quality will be improved
      The use of artificial components and fertilizers will reduce the quality of land over a period of time. Avoid such elements will certainly improve the quality
      2. The artificial pesticides will pollute the water bodies and surroundings when it run off
      3. Organic farming will help the sustainability or various organs since no harmful components are used
      Economical benefits
      1. Organic farming produces products which free from pesticides or unhealthy components which will help to keep our health intact
      2. Organic farming is less costly since it avoids spending on artificial components
      3 organic products have a good demand in market since it is free from such artificial components

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