• ELECTION COMMISSION as per, Election symbols Order, 1968, cites 3 criteria for National Party recognition viz.,
    1, a 6% vote share in Loksabha or Legislative Assembly elections in 4 or more states with least 4 wins in any states
    2, a 2% Loksabha seats share and MPs thus elected from 3 states
    3, State Party recognition in at least 4 states

    • A party will be considered as national party if that party will have to satisfy 3 conditions prescribed by the Election Commission of India. As per Election symbol order 1968 the three criterion are as follows
      1 securing at least 6% vote share in loksabha election or assembly election in 4 or more states and win at least 4 seats in any states
      2. Win atleast 2% of loksabha seats from 3 states
      3. It must be a state party in 4 states

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