• Modern indian history witnessed many struggles to secure the rights of low caste people. Many social reformers tried to uplift the low caste people and rose voice against the attitude of upper class hindus against the low caste.
    Vaikom satyagraha was such a struggle happened in travancore, kerala. The protestors demanded to open the public roads near the siva temple of vaikom for all caste. In 1925-1926 they conducted a satyagraha near the temple. It was a massive struggle. Gandhiji and national congress supported it. They got huge support from all india. E V. Ramasami nayikor ( periyor) conducted a rally from tamilandu to kerala. At last the roads near the temple opend for all.
    Just like the vaikom satyagraha the self respect movement was conducted against the casteism in hindu religion . S ramanathan who was behind the movement invited periyor E. V. Ramasami nayikor to lead the movement. It wasassive movent in 1925. The impact of such movement was made effect not only in tamilnadu but also in foreign countries like malaysia, singapore where tamil population was high.
    Both the events were against the brahmanical influence on religion.

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