• Information technology is prevalent now a days. It is very useful in businesses, environment, security and many other fields. The invention of internet and related facilities have a major impact on daily life of human being. Now we cant think a world without it.
    Information technology is very useful for human health. The database available in the internet is used for the improvement and further study of human health. Electronic information is always available since the world wide web ready to cater such informations at any time and anywhere.
    Online health care facility is available now a days. We can consult a doctor through internet and seek advise for any matter related to health
    Telemedicine is another field of information technology which we can use to order medicine online. Information about medicare and medicaid is available in internet.
    During the recent covid pandemic spread we get each and every information of study on it and the possible precautions against it through information technology. It help us to stay away from the spread.
    The new version of web browsers are capable of giving human anatomy and related images through internet that would help us to study health problems.
    Health management research institute and emergency health management provide distance medical aid by calling 104 and 108 numbers
    Mental counselling is easy to avail through internet.
    NRHM and PHC ‘ s are very based upon internet
    Information technology has a very big impact on human health like any other fields

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