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  • Government of india constituted a commission on state centre relation in 2007.justice madan mohan punchi was the head of the commission consists of other 5 members. It submitted it reports to the then home minister P. Chidambaram in 2010.
    Aim of commission
    The main objective of the commission was to examine the provision of central government to deploy central force in states and investigate the crimes against national security
    Recommendations of punchi commission
    1 article 355 & 356 should be amended and limited to three months only for troubled area
    2. Formation of national integration council
    3. Should have to consult states before any law made on concurrent list
    4. Recommendation on appointment of chief ministers and discretionary power of governor should be limited
    5. Pocket veto of president should be informed to state within six months
    6. Recommendation on appointment of governors
    Governor can be removed by state legislative
    Governor should be stayed away from politics for two years before appointment
    A committee should be formed to appoint governors
    Doctrine of pleasure should be removed
    State legislature can impeach governors

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