• Bay of Bengal Initiative of Multisectoral Technical and Economical Co-operation is a 7 member State comprising of adjacent areas of Bay of Bengal . This sub regional organisation was established in 6th June 1997. Out of its 7 members 5 from south Asia including India,nepal,Bhutan ,bengladesh,srilanka and south East Asian countries including Myanmar and Tailand.

    This group build a bridge between south and south East Asian countries and represent reinforcement relation between member states. BIMSTEC also establish a platform to co-operate with SAARC and ASEAN contries. BUMSTEC comprises of 22percent of world population and contribute GDP of 2.7 trillion economy
    Main objectives are as follows
    1,. Main objective is harness shared and accelerate growth
    2,. Mutual cooperation of different areas of common interest
    3,. Maximum utilisation of regional resources and geographical advantages.
    4,. It’s includes coperation of different types of 6 sectors include tourism,transport,trade,technology,energy ,fishery
    5. To analyse the economic integration and foreign trade among member countries.

    • BIMSTEC is the short form of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi- Sectoral Co operation. It is an international organisation consists of 7 nations of south asia and south east asia mainly India, Srilanka, myanmar, thailand, bangladesh nepal and bhutan. It has its permanent head quarter in dhaka. The leader ship of the organisation changing as per alphabetic order. Now srilanka is in chairman ship and mohammed shahidul islam of bangladesh is secretary general
      Objectives of bimstec-
      Provides co operation to each other for the provision of training and research facilities in the field of educational vocational and technical fields
      Working together for the promotion social technical economical and scientific field
      Provide help to increase socio economic growth of member countries

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