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  • Water is precious and basic element for life. So usage of water efficiently will lead to prosperity. Water efficiency ratio is the method to find out how much water is needed for plants for metabolism and how much water lost due to perspiration.
    Micro irrigation is method to reduce the water usage for plants
    1 reduce excess water accumulation
    By giving right amount of water to plants we can reduce the excess water accumulation. In conventional irrigation bulk water is used to watering plants. But in micro irrigation only right amount would be given
    2. Recycling of water
    By using green house farming we can reduce the amount perspiration. That water will return back to plants. In green house farming the plant canopy is covered with plastic so the perspiration will be reduced
    3. Reduce water wastage
    In conventional irrigation canals and tube wells used for irrigation. That would lead to wastage of water. In micro irrigation water targeted to the roots of plants

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