• Raja Keshavadas was the Diwan of Travancore during the reign of Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma. He is well known for his planning skills and administrative developments.
    His all time contribution is the construction of a well planned port city at Alappuzha. He constructed two parallel canals for bringing goods to port and offered infrastructural facilities to merchants and traders from Surat, Mumbai and Kutch to start industrial enterprises, trading, and cargo centres. Kesavadas built three ships for trade with Calcutta and Bombay.
    The Main Central Road (MC Road) which is the arterial State Highway in the Travancore region of Kerala state was constructed at the time when Raja Kesavadas was the diwan of Travancore.
    Chalai Market was officially established towards the end of 18th century by Raja Kesavadas with an intention to make this market a central point for the supply of commodities to the Travancore kingdom.

  • contributions
    1: construct many roads and canals to improving transportations.
    2: renovated ports and enhanced import and export.
    3: designed and constructed alapuzha in to busy trading center and a port twon.
    4: extensive revenue survey done
    5: loans sanctioned deserving farmers and gave tax waive.
    6: complet the construction of the gopura of sri padmanaba temple

  • Raja kesavadas was a diwan of travancore ruler karthika thirunal ramvarama(1759=1798). He was the prime minister who took the title of diwan for first time. He is also known as “valiya diwanji”. He was a good administrator and an able general. When tipu sultan attacked the travancore he lead the army and tipu compelled to retreat.
    He built the nedumkotta in trissur to curb the advance of tipu sultan. He constructed the chalai market in trivandrum city. It was his effort alappuzha town became a good city and also the alappuzha port. Main central road which connect southern areas of kerala was his contribution

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