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  • Post mourya period was famous with stupas viharas and images of budha.such an architectural period devolped three school of arts in that period

    Gandhara and madhura school of art were the two major style of architect at that time. The third one amaravati school of art. The main differences of gandhara and madhura school of arts are following
    1 gandhara school of art was indo greek style. But madhura school of arts was brahmanical style
    2 gandhara school of art used blue grey schits to construct budha images.but madhura school of arts used red stones
    3 the statue of budha in gandhara school of arts had a distinguished muscle of the body.while madhura school didnt have it
    4 gandhara school of art developed near pesahvar. Bu madhura school of art developed in madhura UP

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