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  • Bengal witnessed a massive movement against the british colonial rule in the starting of 19th century. Bengal was the centre of anti british movement at that time. Lord curzon was the viceroy at that time. It was his decision to make bengal two divisions in order to curb the massive movements. The unity among the indians against british rule feared them a lot. In 1905 lord curzon divided the bengal as east and west bengal. East bengal was a muslim majority area and west bengal a hindu majority area. It was an ugly movement of britain to make a separation between the muslims and hindus since they were jointly oppose the british rule.
    The people of bengal understood the motive of britain and they opposed the partition strongly. On 16 th october 1905 they observed a day of mourning. People fastened and walked in the streets with bare foot and chanted vante mataram. Tagore suggested to observe a raksha bandhan day between west and east bengal people

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