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  • Iswar chandra vidayasagar was prominent scholar and a social reformer of 19th century. He born in 1820 in west bengal. He was one of the members of thathwa bodhini sabha. His whole life was a dedication to the upliftment of women
    Iswar chandra vidya sagar was an advocate of womens right. He stongly condemned the view of the society towards widows. He challanged the hindu brahmins and argued that widow remarriage was allowed in veda. Because of his continuous struggle widow remarriage act 1856 passed by the british government. He believed that the basic problem of women was education. So he tried relentlessly for the education of marginalised women. He started 34 schools for girls in bengal. He helped a british origin bethune to start a school for girls in 1849. It was called bethune school. He tried to uplift the women by giving them not only education but also vocational training in job like needle work.
    When we went through the history of india we cant see a person other than iswar chandra vidyasagar who gave predominent consideration for the improvement of women and stood with them till the last breath of his life. Iswar chandra vidya sagar tried in his whole life to make a modern india which would be better for women

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