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  • Dr. APJ Abdulkalam was a former space scientist and 11 th president of India.He commonly known as ” Missile man of India”. He well known for his submission towards the country and the contributions that he has made to the DRDO and ISRO.
    He started his career as an engineer in DRDO by designing a hovercraft in 1965.He started two projects namely project devil and project valliant which aimed to develope ballistic missiles by using slv technology. Under the IGMDP( integrated missile development programme) he played a vital role to develop prithvi and agni missiles. In ISRO he was the chief executive of developing sattelite launch vehicle(SLV III) which launched the firat sattelite in orbit namely Rohini. He was behind the development of polar sattelite launch vehicle(PSLV) too
    ” Excellence is a continuos process, not an accident ” was a famous saying of APJ Abdulkalam and he proved that the words are correct by his own life.

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