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  • Farmers are the backbone of our country.Although their net share to the overall GDP has plummetted since the dawn of neo liberalisation and globalisation,the farmer organisation play an indispensable part in a country where most populous states are pre dominantly rural and an overwhelming population still depends directly or indirectlyon farming and allied activities.
    FPO plays a crucial role in the formulation of our agricultural policies and their techniques ranges all the way from passive submission of the memorandum to active and vigorous struggle in the street,from Nasik to Guwahati, from Bhiwandi to Chamarajanagar.
    In a complex political democracies with exquisite redefintion of powers,FPOs form an effective pressure group transcending religion,class and caste boundaries.The FPO pressure groups have diverse ways of conveying their message to the policy makers like
    1:Signed Public letters and memorandums
    2:Apolitical pressure groups and allied organisation
    3:Creating awareness amongst huge working class population
    4:Forging allies amongst variant fellow pressure group transcendingpolitical barriers etc
    They have succesfully lobbied in various governments to withdraw and re evaluate land bills,creating new farmer packages and enhanced subsidies etc.Their techniques have attracted the attention of both old and young transcending boundaries.
    In India where the government is striving to double the farmer income by 2022,the role and techniques of the FPOs are only becoming more vital if not the most

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